Certified Radiographic Interpreter

  • Modern Physics
  • Nature of Atoms
  • Radiation Physics
  • Nature and Properties of X and Gamma Radiation
  • Non-Ionizing Radiation
  • Ionizing Radiation
  • Brahmshalang
  • Photographic Aspects
  • Types of Radiographic Film
  • Types of Film Intensifying Screens
  • Control of Scattering
  • Back Scattering and Code requirements of, placing "B" letter
  • Types of IQI - Image Quality Indicator
  • Selection of IQI - Image Quality Indicator
  • Understanding of Metallurgy of metal, which is radiographed
  • Understanding of Ferrous Metallurgy of metal, which is radiographed
  • Dens metals and their properties
  • Placing of IQI - Image Quality Indicator
  • Fundamental Aspects of Radiographic Quality
  • Radiation Safety Principles
  • X-ray and Gamma ray equipment
  • SFD, Exposure and Source Strength Calculation
  • Radiation Detectors
  • Personnel Radiation Monitors
  • Area Radiation Monitors
  • Zone Radiation Monitors
  • Radiation Units
  • Radiation Weighing Factor
  • Air KREAM
  • Control of Radiation
  • Emergency Preparedness for Radiation
  • Geometry of Image Formation
  • Exposure Calculations
  • Application to Welds
  • Viewing Radiographs
  • Welding Technology
  • Reading of Blue Prints/ Drawing of Fabricated components
  • Preservation of Radiation Source
  • Type of Enclosures in Industrial Radiography
  • Open Field Radiography
  • Carrying the Radiography on Offshore Platforms and Regulatory Requirements
  • Transportation of Source and their effective control and Monitor
  • Understanding the Tram-card for Emergency
  • Radiation incidents in the World and Lessons to learn from them.
  • Understanding the Regulatory Requirements of Country, State and Local Law imposed on Radiogrpahy

During the Preparatory course several examples, illustrations,mock up examination and case studies will be discussed and participants will be given additional reading materials and practice questions for their study purpose.

How to take the Radiogrpah and carryout the exposure calculations.

Their are various Weld Radiographs required to Interpret and understand the discontinuities in it and how to classify them according to Code and Standard requirements, to come to conclusion whether discontinuity or defect.

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