API SI Fixed Equipment

Source Inspector

  • Understanding the Inspection of Pressure Vessels placed in Inservice.
  • Repair work and related Welding Procedure Specifications and how to qualify the welders to carryout the repair work.
  • Understanding of different types of materials forms used in fabrication of Pressure Vessels,Piping and Valves which are placed in Inservice.
  • sourceinspector
  • Ferrous Metals and Nonferrous metals, Welding consumables and inspection of raw materials.
  • Product forms such as Plates, Forgings, Plate Type Flanges, Tubes and Pipes and Blind Flanges.
  • Selection of Materials and understanding the metallurgy of the components.
  • Selection of Welding Electrodes related to process and suitable metallurgy.
  • Verification of metals in the Inservice for their tracebility and material sorting.
  • Understanding of various measuring instruments used for inspection.
  • Traceability and Calibration of Measuring instruments used for inspection.
  • Understanding the design requirements of Valves and Inspection of Valves.
  • Different types of Pipes and Process Piping Requirements.
  • Selection of Flanges and Pipe Fittings.
  • sourceinspector
  • Preparation of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)
  • Preparation of Procedure Qualification Records (PQR)
  • Qualifying the Welder - Welder Procedure Qualification (WPQ) as per applicable procedure and verification of Qualification status to applicable Welding Process.
  • Pre Heating requirements as per applicable WPS.
  • PWHT Post Weld Heat Treatment.
  • Qualification Requirements of the NDE or NDT Personnel.
  • NDE or NDT Personnel certification Levels and applications.
  • Demonstration of the NDE or NDT Procedure.
  • Calibration and Traceability of the NDE or NDT equipment.
  • sourceinspector
  • Selection of NDT Methods and related technique to check fitments, detect the flaws/discontinuities in the Pressure Vessels.
  • Codes and Standard applicable to NDT Methods and flaw/discontinuity charechater sisation.
  • Understanding the inspection requirements such as ITP, QAP, QCP and related Technical Specification. Code requirements.
  • Surface Preparation of Pressure Vessels and Piping, surface appearance requirement after cleaning.
  • Surface Preparation Inspection.
  • Blast Cleaning requirement and blasting equipment.
  • Coating requirements
  • Coating and understanding of International colour shades.
  • Different types of lining using various types of materials.
  • Coating Inspection equipment and their application.
  • Coating Inspection.

During the Preparatory course several examples, illustrations,mock up examination and case studies will be discussed and participants will be given additional reading materials and practice questions for their study purpose.

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