API 936

Refractory Installation Quality Control—Inspection and Testing Monolithic Refractory Linings and Materials

API - 936 This standard provides installation quality control procedures for monolithic refractory linings and may be used to supplement owner specifications. Materials,equipment, and personnel are qualified by the methods described, and applied refractory quality is closely monitored, based on defined procedures and acceptance criteria. The responsibilities of inspection personnel who monitor and direct the quality control process are also defined. In addition, this standard provides guidance for the establishment of quality control elements necessary to achieve the defined requirements.

  • Introduction to Refractory
  • Quality Control Elements
  • Responsibilities
  • Owner
  • Contractor
  • Inspector
  • Manufacturer
  • Inspector Qualifications
  • Materials
  • Physical Property Requirements
  • Storage
  • Packaging and Marking
  • Anchors
  • Qualification and Testing
  • Testing and Test Procedures
  • Preshipment Refractory Qualification Testing
  • Qualification of Installation Procedure and Crew/Installers
  • Production (As-installed) Refractory Sampling and Testing
  • Test Specimen Preparation
  • Installation/Execution
  • Surface Preparation
  • Water Quality
  • Water-contaminated Refractory
  • Preparation for Lining Installation
  • Application Temperature
  • Gunning
  • Thin-layer Abrasion (Erosion) Resistant Linings
  • Thick-layer Plastic Linings
  • Metal Fiber Reinforcement
  • Organic Fibers
  • Interruption of Application
  • Fallout of refractory and their causes
  • Curing
  • Repairs
  • Dryout
  • Dryout Procedure
  • Dryout Schedule
  • Inspection of Refractory after Dryout

During the Preparatory course several examples, illustrations,mock up examination and case studies will be discussed and participants will be given additional reading materials and practice questions for their study purpose.

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